Saturday, May 14, 2005

Fortune's Star by Morgan Hawke

The beautiful young lord and his two dark-eyed companions stood only inches away. Luxi's eyes opened wide. This close, the young lord was breathtaking. His face had only the slightest touches of cosmetics outlining his impossibly violet eyes. Even his perfume was gorgeous. He asked her a question. She had no clue what he said. Luxi lifted her shoulder in a small shrug. "I'm sorry, but I don't understand?" She really, really needed to get an upgrade for her internal translator. "He says that you have hair like living flame. He'd like to know if you would care to join him for sex." Luxi started and turned her head to find the cyborg standing by her left elbow. She hadn't even seen him approach. She was forced to look up. He was head and shoulders taller than she was. And this close, he was absolutely stunning. The lord was lovely but the cyborg's arresting face was utterly, powerfully masculine. Something in her stilled, as though holding its breath. His dark silver brows rose. "Are you all right?" Luxi released her breath and felt her cheeks heat. She'd been staring. "Sorry… I…" What had she been thinking? She didn't have a clue. Her mind had utterly blanked. "I don't know your name." "I'm Leto." He smiled. "I'm Luxi." Her voice came out breathless. Glory above, his smile! She felt the listening stillness wash through her again. Leto tilted his head toward the lord and his two fems. "He's waiting to know if you want to have sex." Luxi blinked. "He wants…what?" Leto lifted a pale hand to cover his chuckle. "Sex. He wants to know if you want to have sex with him and his fems." Luxi glanced over at the beautiful lord then bit her lip. "Could you tell him, I'm flattered, but I don't normally have…?" She winced. "Relations, with people I don't know?" Leto tilted his head and replied to the lord. The lord rolled his eyes in obvious amusement. His two companions dissolved into giggles. The lord glanced at the cyborg and asked a question. Leto raised his chin and turned away. The lord watched Luxi expectantly and smiled. Luxi peered up at the cyborg. "Leto, what did he say?" Leto folded his arms across his chest and glanced down at the deck. "Tell you what; I'll translate what he said for the price of…" He turned to Luxi and lifted a silver brow. "A kiss." "A kiss?" Luxi's breath caught. This spectacular man wanted to kiss her? His shadow-filled eyes focused on her. "Will you kiss me?" Glory yes! Luxi licked her lips. "Okay." Leto's eyes widened just a hair. He leaned downward, very slowly. Luxi tilted her chin up to meet him. His lips brushed hers. Warmth, breath… He was warm, he breathed. Her eyes drifted closed and her lips parted under his. Their tongues met, explored, parried. He tasted like fresh clean water. He smelled of rich leather. He cupped her shoulders in his strong hands. She reached for him and her hands settled on his hips. His shimmering suit was warm under her palms and felt like exotic leather. Vibrancy and darkness pulsed in a delicious yet shivery combination under her fingertips. She spread her fingers and pressed her palms against him to feel more of it. His hands slid up her neck, drawing tiny shivers, and his fingers slid under her hair. He cupped her head and angled her mouth to deepen the kiss, stroking her tongue, tasting her, encouraging her to kiss him back. Heat, hunger, urgency… A small moan escaped her throat. Her hands slid around his waist, pulling him closer. His arm closed around her waist, pulling her tight against his body.

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