Thursday, February 09, 2006

Peacehiker comes to India without a penny, by Ashok Kumar

New Delhi, February 9 Matej Sedmak from Slovenia, who moves around the world without a single penny in his pocket, intends to unite humanity. had a very interactive talk to this man about his self and his self-proclaimed lofty ideals. I am a Peacehiker, just 21yrs old and so far have been to 18 countries. Italy, France, Spain, Cuba, Costa Rica, Thailand, Malaysia, Portugal, Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Honduras, Japan, Belize, Singapore, Taiwan and now visiting India. From Costa Rica, I am travelling throughout the world without money. I have never been hungry for once and never spent a day in open. What is the difference between you and me? Physics says only 0.1 per cent of our physical body is matter and 99 per cent is the empty space. The entire world is an illusion. I want to see people realise what is life about. I trust God, trust the humanity and trust myself. Love can only be experienced. The first thing is that one should love oneself. You see as a matter of fact, no one loves himself or herself. You should not have any complaints against yourself. What do you think what you see is me. No, it is’nt. Everything is arbitrary. Being happy is very simple. You have been made in God’s own image says the holy scriptures; God is not in ashrams, temples mosques or churches. You need to trust yourself. I know I can be dead any moment .I have no money, no cell phone, I could have been killed but no. I trust humanity. Accepting what you are without prejudices is what is love all about. When you fall in love you are all the time happy. What is there in being a rational? You can decide to be either rational or happy. Some decide to be rational others happy. It all depends on one’s choice. There is no me. It is just a dream. Truth is you and me. Go on the spiritual path. Meditate and you will be able to give much to this world. I want to help other people in realizing their dreams and discover what life is really all about. All material things come by their own. Every path is different and everybody has a right to go on his/ her own path. I have my own path and you have your own. Don’t be so rational. Everything I do is the cause of the oncoming effect. You create your own heaven and hell. Everything depends on your thought. Like the terrorists will live their ghastly acts. They just can’t escape. I do not know anything about India. Until I do not read Bhagwat Gita I cannot understand India. Whatever country I go fascinates me. I kissed one Indian girl in Pune but I would not tell her name. The girl gave her approval in having a limited relationship. I have had sex many times in my life. I personally feel that sex is pleasant for the body. Lovemaking is an essential component of human life. Though I maintained abstinence for some time just because I wanted to understand my sexual energy. Since it was voluntary, I had no craving for girls. My mission is to unite the world. And it is very much possible. My parents help me follow my dreams and that is why loving them. When they see me genuinely happy they are even happier. Though happiness has nothing to do with human beings as such. What cold be more precious than liberating people. Liberating them from their miseries. Love is my religion. Love is the most important component of life. Religion could be inspiring but they do not help you in your spiritual path. Human beings have created religion. Men twist the original thoughts of the great men and corrupt religion. As for me I would rather believe in Christ or Buddha rather than Christianity or Buddhism. To taste sweetness for instance you will have to plant a Mango tree first. Every part of Neem tree is bitter while the mango is all sweet. When you plant Neem instead of Mango you pray to the bitter tree ‘O Neem god give me the sweet mango, but how is this possible when you have sown the bitter plant instead of sweet Mango. Happiness comes to your reactions to the environment around you. I will not tolerate a non-secular society. There is nothing, which makes me happy until my heart decides. I don’t care what the world thinks about me, what my parents think about me, what you think about me or what anybody thinks about me. I claim myself to b e a totally irresponsible person. Still the society loves me. I can do anything I imagine. I do not feel the need to marry. I will marry the girl who fulfils my wishes. The real fact lies in the belief. It should be your homework to mull how the world could be united. I do not care about religions. My religion is love. It is you who makes yourself unhappy. I will illustrate a personal example to cite the same. When I was about to leave my home to embark on my world tour my mother told me “You are going to hurt me”. I said no .It is not me but you who is going to hurt yourself as it is your very own reactions, which makes one unhappy. When a girl sees me she might recall her boyfriend and feel unhappy for that. But could I be held responsible for that? It is impossible to avoid materialistic world. I will enjoy. Call me a beggar. It does not make a difference. My life is both a picnic and a spiritual journey. I have learnt that I am the creator of life. I feel I am on the right path. When I don’t think about anything I am happy. When I start thinking I start moving towards unhappiness. I want to make as many friends as possible. I want to meet the president and someone to sponsor me a plane ticket to my country. Within 3 weeks I will be in my home Slovenia. Even you could be a peacehiker. Peacehiker is a traveler for peace. Come join me in making a bandwagon.

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