Wednesday, August 23, 2006

...Beethoven...4 Peace...

Meditation and music open us to more expanded feeling states, states of deep inner peace, mental expansion, insight and awareness. Becoming absorbed in music or absorbed" by" music opens us to the beauty of sound and higher consciousness. It expands our mind and feelings. It leads us into deep meditation – taking us to its doorway. It has been said that some of the music of Beethoven has this capacity or taking one to this doorway of deep meditative experience. In his letters or correspondence Beethoven revealed that he had spiritual experiences that were behind his compositions. The sounds he created were an attempt to recreate this experience or communicate this experience to the listener. Carl Jung the great Swiss psychiatrist said that great music came from the archetypes, which are universal expressions or movements of our collective higher and intuitive minds; thus, great music expands, heals, makes us whole, and inspires. Great music should expand us and uplift us, as can the symphonies of Beethoven, as reported by others' experiences: The Third Symphony – can inspire the desire for inner meditation. The Sixth Symphony – can open one to the inspiration of Nature. The Seventh Symphony – appears to open the mind to deeper experiences. The Eight Symphony – deals with fear of death and the continuity of life. The Ninth Symphony – expresses life as a unitive experience greater than "I". The Violin Concerto – stimulates for some the sense of beauty and the mind. It has been said that classical music, and especially that with emphasis on string instruments, brings about "peace" of mind and an inner silence, which is the goal of meditation. It is valuable and helpful to feel the vibrations of string instrument in a tactile way, as with a tactile sound chair as in certain TactileAcoustic sound-chair designs, in which the especially the hands and arms receive these exquite vibrations.

Rather bizarrely, today while visiting my local pawn shop looking for $1 CDs,...I scored 4 Beethoven albums containing almost all of the titles you listed. I bought them after having read this post. :)
Weeee! I have a pretty ok classical cd selection I'm curious to know what Beethoven I have...

That page was found by Total Kaos/Kevin. I was looking at the site, then he found that page.

I'll have to try a Breakfast with Beethoven thing sometime... :)
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