Saturday, October 21, 2006

Lucid Gratitude

consciously directing attentions to Gratitude

during transition from Waking reality to Dream space

will create a bridge allowing intentional exploration,

Divine communion,

and passage to enlightening adventures.

here is how:

1. tonight, as you lie to rest, focus on Gratitude.

2. imagine this symbol over your heart.

3. with each peaceful beat calming waters within,

feel a drift into sleep,

flowing knowing going is NOW -

resting on a ring of Gratitude,

leisurely floating Rivers of Abundance.

rest. soak. splash.

explore shores for treasures galore.

prepare to wake in Gratitude.


Go Gratitude!


to activate Will during sleep excursions,

summon a symbol of Gratitude.

You will immediately connect with choice, awareness, and power!

plus - flying remains an exhilarating option.


" Lucid dreams are also symbolic--yet in quite a different way,

...Their symbolism takes the form of beautiful landscapes

--different luminous phenomena, sunlight, clouds, and especially a deep blue sky.

In a perfect instance of the lucid dream I float through immensely wide landscapes,

with a clear blue, sunny sky, and a feeling of deep bliss and Gratitude,

which I feel impelled to express by eloquent words of thankfulness and piety.

Sometimes these words seem to me a little rhetorical,

but I cannot help it, as it is very difficult in dreams to control emotional impulses ...

Sometimes I conceive of what appears as a symbol, warning, consoling, approving.

Flying or floating may be observed in all forms of dreams,

except perhaps the class of general dream sensations;

yet it is generally an indication that lucid dreams are coming. "

- excerpt, A Study of Dreams by Frederik Van Eeden

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