September 18, 2005 continues to be one of the most highly-visible and visited peace websites, being highly ranked through Gulf War II, the biggest U.S. military action since the web began. This model of independent activist web publishing is still critical and becomes more appreciated every day. The mission of featuring the best writing and analysis from a nonviolent viewpoint continues.

Our take on the best peace websites on the net

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When I began in 1995, I started by approaching dozens of U.S. based peace groups with an offer to build and host their very first websites. These sites went beyond one-page brochures and soon included their magazines, action alerts, and statements. The New Media revolution was on and peace movement literature was pure content! By 1998 these sites were becoming the main publicity generator for most of these groups. But I ran out of start-up money around the time that these organizations learned the value of the web and they began maintaining their own websites. Ironically, although many of these sites still show their original design, few of them include in their links list. Peace groups can be a closed little in-groups. It’s particularly ironic considering is much more visible and gets many more visitors and could continue to be a publicity generator. Sigh… Well, Even if these groups are thankless and clueless, they do fine work and I’ll link them. Many of them are also listed above in their respective categories, but here’s a complete list of the alums:


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