March 02, 2008


ZAPATISTAS: Call to international solidarity



In order to activate a reaction - coordinated and massive of protest, it denounces, pressure and vindication on the reality of Mexico, we went to all the groups, organizations and shared in common people of the European scope, stops between the set to actually send and to develop to a Campaign of solidarity and mutual support with the zapatistas communities in Chiapas and against the repression that come suffering from 1994, increased lately of
alarming way, with clear signals definitively to reactivate, to break out again and to impose in that state of the Mexican Southeastern badly the call “war of low intensity” (GBI), that single tries the extermination and genocide against his indigenous towns and settlers, beginning by those who proclaim zapatistas and
continue resisting with dignity by their individual and collective rights, constructing to its autonomy, exerting the direct democracy and inventing at every moment the other way to make policy, the other way to govern, to govern themselves and to construct in here and now the new world that we took in our hearts.

In such campaign, without leaving outside its general missions the right reclamation to the fulfillment in the Agreements of San Andrés, the freedom of
tod*s l*s pres*s polític*s, the respect to the human rights and against the diverse open conflicts that undergo the people and towns of all Mexico, mainly the natives, generated and harnessed with total impunity from the own government (federal and state), by means of their police forces, military and paramilitary, with the accomplice and generalized silence of national and international mass media, in connivencia with the interests of the great capital,
their neoliberalism and the multinationals that represent it, within a climate and to come from constant tension, scorn, repression, despoliation, genocide and fascismo.

And in the most specific still, aim of this Campaign he would be “yet what in addition he is decided to accompany by those who to her adds obtaining to form an European Caravan of Solidarity that in the summer and during 15 days crosses the different zones and zapatistas communities in conflict from
Chiapas (Mexico).


… opened to the imagination and forces of those who add as a whole
In each place and country, to carry out a series of acts and
activities coincident in the time and that are followed one another
uninterruptedly, in principle to be developed and to include all the
2008, occurring to its public beginning the eve of next the 16 of
February and/or that same day, date of the twelfth anniversary of
the company/signature in the Agreements of San Andrés between the
EZLN and the Mexican government, but failed to fulfill by the this
last and following governments who have happened to him since then.
Between such possible initiatives, its concretion and calendar could
be as it follows: 15 and 16-February: in each place (city and
country) to make informative press conferences and acts to present
the Campaign, its reasons and objectives, announcing from that
moment its beginning and summoning to add itself to the different
activities that are developed to the effect. 22-February to the?-
April: SUPPORT in the European TOUR of CAPISE, beginning in the
Spanish state, with all the informative acts, interviews, meetings
and other activities that can be made specific to the effect. 22 to
29-February: acts of information on the VI-CCIODH (international
civil commission of observation of human rights in Mexico), its
conclusions and recommendations… in the places where every one
understands and can make it.

10 to 19-March: campaign informative in Airports and Travel agencies
main, directed whoever to go to Mexico and explaining true reality
of that country… taking advantage of dates and vacations Easter
(or in each place, when better it is understood that such activity
could come, for example, being able to do later also facing the
summer and in the dates of Christmas).

10-April: concerts y/u other cultural activities in support to the
general Campaign… choosing this date to be the anniversary of the
murder of Zapata.

4-May: beginning of campaign of solidarity with l*s pres*s polític*s
zapatistas and of all Mexico… of 6 to 9 months of duration, by
means of exhibition of paintings, photos and posters… being able
to divide of a concrete country and city of the European territory,
to continue later by the rest (according to to the possibilities of
interest and precise covers occurred), in each place being able to
be adding to more works and materials, finishing by example in the
Spanish state, it stops in his end to arrive at Mexico (between
October and December), to cross the long waits that there are in the
jails and where it is possible more to be arrived, soliciing that of
it could be ordered and be assumed by the Other Campaign and the
FPDT and the APPO and…?

With such initiative, the idea entails another way of in addition trying to imply to artists and intellectuals, especially being able to take advantage of the tour
CAPISE to be promoting it and successfully obtaining works, that soon could end up auctioning itself and that the money was for the necessities of legal resources or others of the prisoners and prey of there…

On the other hand, the date indicated for its possible
beginning is not accidental, because it would be to agree with the
sad anniversary of the happened thing in the Atenco-Texcoco. Like
possible, to decide: … before May, that the people reunan
themselves by states and at the end of May, via Internet or also
meeting at European level in the place that more good is considered,
to design and to make specific that caravan of 15 days by Chiapas,
next to all the others that she remembers and she comes,
simultaneously that this became a mediatic phenomenon to inform, to
spread and to sensitize to the rest of the planet….

June: campaign of massive mobilizations, preferredly manifestations,
but also like alternative or parallel with concentrations, long
waits, occupations, etc… trying to make agree the dates in all the
places that are made.

End-June to half-full-July (15 days, being to fix the dates between
tod*s): permanent caravan of international observers, trying whom
outside very remarkable in number of components (we say like ideal
minimum - by example of 150 to 200 people), that visits the Snails,
MAREZ and zapatistas communities (with greater problems and
conflicts) in Chiapas…

During the same one, filming soon to publish and to spread â??

Complementary documentation and informative Supports informative
Dossier: as a booklet (dyne-4, in black and white), with distance
and massive distribution, focused mainly to Chiapas and the
zapatistas communities, the construction and its processes of
autonomy, the earth problems, etc…. And, sure reserving some pages
also to dedicate them to explain the cases, reasons, precedents,
processes and the present time of the rest of the diverse opened
conflicts in Mexico (Acteal, Atenco, Oaxaca…)

Public declaration and Call against the War in Chiapas-Mexico: as a
public denunciation, declaration of intentions, reivindicativas
exigencies (peace, justice, etc) and call of solidarity.

Collection of companies of support to the Manifesto or Declaration:
Filmed interview (video) to Ernesto Ledesma-CAPISE: in order to
happen later in the acts that are made. Page Web: of new creation
and with the participation in its preparation and development of all
those groups and/or people who así­ want it and they are committed.
IMPORTANT: from the beginning to try the creation of a list of
contacts, by which they can tod*s inquire and inform into direct
form…. This list can be the first passage for such page Web. COMIC
on zapatismo 1994- 2008… .con the chronology that has elaborated
the people of Jovel recently as it bases informative, to request to
Patxi Irurzun (writer) and Juan Kalvellido (sketcher) that tried to
design it and to do it. comunicaciones/adhesiones:


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