April 12, 2008

Intellectuals to Lead Struggle for Peace

Intellectuals from Latin America and Europe arrived in Caracas to attend a seminar on peace and sovereignty and to defend people from attacks by corporate media.

Argentinian writer and journalist Stella Calloni said she came to Caracas to rescue words from those who use it to kill for the world needs justice, brotherhoods and solidarity.

Calloni expressed concern on the ways that corporate media misinform to destabilize nations when the US abrogates the right to launch preemptive attacks against any country.

Alternative Nobel Peace Award Marton Almada called to attract the youth and make them actors of the struggle for social justice at countries like Venezuela, Cuba, Ecuador and Bolivia.

Almada hopes his country, Paraguay, soon join the countries that defend their sovereignty and self-determination from an imperialism "increasingly decadent, aggressive and dangerous."

He added that the seminar "will plan strategies to annul campaigns ran through the media which he finger points as first step in an attack to a country, and mentions as example the experiences of the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Mexican John Saxe Fernandez spoke on the need to close the US military bases around the world as inexcusable example of colonization.

The goal is to prevent the governments at countries the US manipulate to violate the sovereignty of other peoples like Colombia's recent military attack on Ecuador.


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