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December 30, 2005

Miracle of the Ages by Worth Smith

The Great, the Mighty God ...hast set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, even unto this day. Jer 32:18-20

The architect of the Great Pyramid knew the exact length of the solar year, even to the tenth part of the second. This is shown in at least sixplaces, and by means of four units of length.

There is a second period known as the stellar year, or sidereal, year, about 20 minutes longer than the solar year. Thirdly there is another length called the orbital or anomalistic, year, which is in turn a few seconds longer still. And these two latter year lengths are also enshrined in the Great Pyramid.

The "Precesssion of the Equinoxes", a period of 25,827.5 years, the time required for our solar system as a unit to make one revolution around its vastly greater sun, the Pleiades, is shown exactly in the pyramid in four places.

Other scientific truths enshrined in the pyramid:

1. The mean distance from the earth to the sun.

2. The weight of the earth.

3. The mean density of the earth.

4. The fact of the sphericity of the earth.

5. The polar diameter of the earth, or the exact length of earth's polar axis of rotation.

6. The earth's mean orbit and maximum variation.

7. The variation of the earth's ecliptic.

8. The earth's mean temperature (the average temperature of the air in the Kings chamber).

9. The exact inch, foot, yard, furlong and mile, including the true length of the Standard
Geographical Mile, a measure of 2917.467+ Pyramid Cubits.

10. The exact grain, ounce, pound, stone, (English weight of 14 pounds) and ton.

11. The standard British (and American) measures of the pint, quart, gallon, bushel and "quarter."

12. The art of squaring the circle in theory and in practice.

13. The art of doubling the cube, likewise in practice as well as in theory.

14. The art of that extremely difficult mathematical feat of offering a practical solution to the baffling problem, the quadrature of the circle.

15. The direction of True North.

16. The Pi Proportion, Pi being the ratio of the diameter of a circle to its circumference, 3.14159+

17. The total land-area of the earth, the pyramid located in such a manner as to divide said land-area into four equal quarters, and in so doing to thus define both the earth's "master-meridian" of longitude, and "master-parallel" of latitude. In other words, the meridian passing over the Great Pyramid from north to south traverses more miles of land, and less of sea, than any other that can be drawn around the earth at any place, and that same distinction holds true of a parallel passing over the Pyramid's apex from east to west, or vice versa.

What about the Bible?

1. The cubic capacity of the Coffer in the King's Chamber is exactly the same as that of the famous Ark of the Covenant.

2. The Coffer's cubic capacity is also identical with that of the Jewish laver, and with that of the lavers, or baths, in the world-famous King Solomon's Temple, dedicated 1000 bc.

3. The "Golden Sea" of King Solomon's Temple had a capacity exactly equal to the cubic contents of the Coffer times 50.

4. Noah's Ark had a capacity identical with the cubic contents of the Coffer multiplied by 100,000.

The book of Job makes repeated mention of it. See 9:9, 19:24, 26:7 and 13, 28:7-9, 37:15-18, 38:4-36.



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beauty eh?

such an interesting study.

one that has been an interest all my life.

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