Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Soliel (Autumn) by Robert Scott Leyse

Windy-spirited Soleil, girl of bright Emerald eyes, flowing chestnut tresses, Smooth satin complexion, dove-wing hands - Endearing blitheness, her peals of laughter Which peeled off the lower reaches of gray Sky on dim days, allowed the sun to shine - Wonderful Soleil, darling of darlings, Lies coffin-encased, sealed off forever, In cold, uncaring, colorless soil - autumn Winds slap at its unresponsive surface Before trailing off to die in lifeless Leaf-piles, brittle remains of verdant green. The wind may stir the leaf corpses to move But not to life; nor shall sweet Soleil stir Again - not one spine-caressing sparkle Will spill from her eyes, no pleasing teasings Will escape her lips - her wave-graceful lilt Of a walk won't add to a meadow's cheer Again, beauty won't shameface sneers again - Nothing, not a shiver of a quiver, Remains of lackadaisical Soleil. Nothing? I count not the vacated shell Of her former self - the decaying husk. No, that's not Soleil underground - her soul's Not mouldering in a pine box, longing For light, wedded to smothering darkness. That thing down there is no more sweet Soleil Than these wind-rattled tearings of fiber Are the greenery that carpeted trees Last summer, when my blithe beauty still smiled At the slightest touch of my loving glance.

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