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Chomsky vs Dershowitz

John F. Kennedy School of Government video debate between Noam Chomsky and Alan Dershowitz, Israel and Palestine after Disengagement (November 29, 2005).
The Harvard Crimson, Prominent Profs Spar Over Israel (November 30, 2005). An excerpt:
In response to Dershowitz's claim that his knowledge of the peace process--including the 2000 Camp David summit--was based on what President Clinton had told him "directly and personally," Chomsky said that his own arguments were based on written and accessible evidence. "You can believe one of two things," Chomsky said. "The extensive published diplomatic record...or what Mr. Dershowitz says he heard from somebody."

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DEDICATION We dedicate this dream and quest to all lost and struggling souls searching for direction, meaning, respect or LOVE in a world quick to judge, preach, avoid or HATE because of ignorance, pain, anger or FEAR We send special love and compassion to: the "misfit" kids severely depressed way overwhelmed physically challenged demoralized professionals convicted felons seekers who "messed up" and abusers of all types May you find hope, peace, light, and love in this work or your own inner being and find your own special gifts for all to see, feel, grow and ACTUALIZE We bless you and honor you for your part in the "big plan" and cheer you and encourage you to "keep climbing those mountains" "'TIL YOU FIND YOUR DREAM"

Edward Curtis Photos

_ __ _____ _______ _________ ___________ "Try not to become a man of success but rather to become a man of value" -Albert Einstein

The Garden of Pleasure

She walked upon the beds, and the sweet, rich scent arose; and she gathered her hands full of flowers. Then Duty, with his white, clear features, came and looked at her. Then she ceased from gathering, but she walked away among the flowers, smiling, and with her bands full. Then Duty, with his still, white face, came again, and looked at her; but she, she turned her head away from him. At last she saw his face, and she dropped the fairest of the flowers she had held, and walked silently away. Then again he came to her. And she moaned, and bent her head low, and turned to the gate. But as she went out she looked back at the sunlight on the faces of the flowers, and wept in anguish. Then she went out, and it shut behind her forever; but still in her hand she held of the buds she had gathered, and the scent was very sweet in the lonely desert. But he followed her. Once more he stood before her with his still, white, death-like face. And she knew what he had come for; she unbent the fingers, and let the flowers drop out, the flowers she had loved so, and walked on without them, with dry, aching eyes. Then for the last time he came. And she showed him her empty hands, the hands that held nothing now. But still he looked. Then at length she opened her bosom and took out of it one small flower she had hidden there, and laid it on the sand. She had nothing more to give now, and she wandered away, and the gray sand whirled about her. Quoted from Dreams by Olive Schreiner (Chicago: Donohue, Henneberry & Co., undated) p.36-37.


L o v e r s ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥


Lao Tzu - the Tao of Reality. There is a thing, formless yet complete. Before heaven and earth it existed. We do not know its name, but we call it Tao. It is the Mystery of Mysteries. * Chuang Tzu - the butterfly philosopher. The sage has the sun and moon by his side and the universe under his arm. He blends everything into a harmonious whole. * Chang Tsai - son of Heaven and Earth Heaven is my father and Earth is my mother. All people are my brothers and sisters, and all things are my companions.

*Ass*...cuz....Why Not?

"They'll nail anyone who ever scratched his ass during the National Anthem." -[Humphrey Bogart (1899-1957), screen actor. quoted on his death, Jan. 14, 1957. Bogart was referring to the House Un-American Activities Committee.] * Wesley Willis - I Whipped Spiderman's Ass * Vintage Ass * Bob Schneider - Ass Knockin * Matt Lebofsky's Immersion Composition Society Page - My Ass is Beautiful * Aleister Crowley - The Wild Ass * Beck - Jack Ass * "Politics is a choice of enemas. You're gonna get it up the ass, no matter what you do." -[George V. Higgins (b. 1939), novelist. Ed Cobb, in Victories, ch. 7 (1991).]

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Irina Tweedie

Interview w/ Photo


The Feminine Mysteries of Love

Now, the idea of God is, in the first place, an exceeding contradiction. The sign God, so Deists tell us, was invented to express the inexpressible, the incomprehensible and infinite! Then they immediately set about defining it. These definitions prove to be about as self-contradictory and generally conflicting as the original absurdity. But there is a particular set of attributes which form a sort of common ground for all these definitions. They tell us that God is possessed of supreme wisdom, supreme justice, and supreme power. In all the catalogue of creeds, I never yet heard of one that had not for its nucleus unlimited potency.

Now, let us take the deist upon his own ground and prove to him either that his God is limited as to wisdom, or limited as to justice, or limited as to power, or else there is no such thing as justice.

First, then, God, being all-just, wishes to do justice; being all-wise, knows what justice is; being all-powerful, can do justice. Why then injustice? Either your God can do justice and won't or doesn't know what justice is, or he can not do it. The immediate reply is: "What appears to be injustice in our eyes, in the sight of omniscience may be justice. God's ways are not our ways."

Oh, but if he is the all-wise pattern, they should be; what is good enough for God ought to be good enough for man; but what is too mean for man won't do in a God. Else there is no such thing as justice or injustice, and every murder, every robbery, every lie, every crime in the calendar is right and upon that one premise of supreme authority you upset every fact in existence.

What right have you to condemn a murderer if you assume him necessary to "God's plan"? What logic can command the return of stolen property, or the branding of a thief, if the Almighty decreed it? Yet here, again, the Deist finds himself in a dilemma, for to suppose crime necessary to God's purpose is to impeach his wisdom or deny his omnipotence by limiting him as to means. The whole matter, then, hinges upon the one attribute of authority of the central idea of God.

But, you say, what has all this to do with the economic tendency of freethought? Everything. For upon that one idea of supreme authority is based every tyranny that was ever formulat- ed. Why? Because, if God is, no human being no thing that lives, ever had a right! He simply had a privilege, bestowed, granted, conferred, gifted to him, for such a length of time as God sees fit.

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The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill

“What are kingdoms but great robberies? Indeed, that was an apt and true reply which was given to Alexander the Great by a pirate who had been seized. For when that king had asked the man what he meant by keeping hostile possession of the sea, he answered with bold pride, ‘What thou meanest by seizing the whole earth; but because I do it with a petty ship, I am called a robber, whilst thou who dost it with a great fleet art styled an emperor.’”

–Augustine of Hippo, The City of God (410 CE)


The war in Iraq is a staggering catastrophe. The Global War on TerrorismTM is already lost, having been rebranded recently by the Pentagon’s Department of Silly Phrases as the “struggle against violent extremism.” This is reminiscent of Bush’s slip of a few years ago calling his wars a “crusade;” it’s now a “struggle”—or, jihad in Arabic, or Kampf, as in Mein, in German. It seems, however, as we go to press, there’s some confusion boiling within the Inner Circle. Bush just used the “War on Terror” five times in a speech, confounding Secretary of War Rumfeld’s continual use of the new phrase. They can’t even get their lies straight. So, do we believe Chimpy McFlightsuit or Dr. Strangelove on this one?

'Without education there's no hope. Without books there's no education'

This Christmas, Observer readers can make a difference to the lives of millions of people by doing a very simple thing - helping them buy a book. David Smith opens our appeal

Eager children scramble for them in Zimbabwe. Camels carry them through remotest Kenya. They are impossible to to buy from a legitimate seller in Sierra Leone. They have solved problems, launched businesses and careers, created dreams, fired imaginations, changed lives and saved lives. They are taken for granted in Britain, but 113 million children worldwide do not have access to them.

Macavity: The Mystery Cat by Thomas Stearns Eliot

Macavity's a Mystery Cat: he's called the Hidden Paw - For he's the master criminal who can defy the Law. He's the bafflement of Scotland Yard, the Flying Squad's despair: For when they reach the scene of crime - Macavity's not there! Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity, He's broken every human law, he breaks the law of gravity. His powers of levitation would make a fakir stare, And when you reach the scene of crime - Macavity's not there! You may seek him in the basement, you may look up in the air - But I tell you once and once again, Macavity's not there! Mcavity's a ginger cat, he's very tall and thin; You would know him if you saw him, for his eyes are sunken in. His brow is deeply lined with thought, his head is highly domed; His coat is dusty from neglect, his whiskers are uncombed. He sways his head from side to side, with movements like a snake; And when you think he's half asleep, he's always wide awake. Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity, For he's a fiend in feline shape, a monster of depravity. You may meet him in a by-street, you may see him in the square - But when a crime's discovered, then Macavity's not there! He's outwardly respectable. (They say he cheats at cards.) And his footprints are not found in any file of Scotland Yard's. And when the larder's looted, or the jewel-case is rifled, Or when the milk is missing, or another Peke's been stifled, Or the greenhouse glass is broken, and the trellis past repair - Ay, there's the wonder of the thing! Macavity's not there! And when the Foreign Office find a Treaty's gone astray, Or the Admiralty lose some plans and drawings by the way, There may be a scrap of paper in the hall or on the stair - But it's useless to investigate - Mcavity's not there! And when the loss has been disclosed, the Secret Service say: `It must have been Macavity!' - but he's a mile away. You'll be sure to find him resting, or a-licking of his thumbs, Or engaged in doing complicated long-division sums. Macavity, Macavity, there's no one like Macavity, There never was a Cat of such deceitfulness and suavity. He always has an alibi, and one or two to spaer: At whatever time the deed took place - MACAVITY WASN'T THERE! And they say that all the Cats whose wicked deeds are widely known (I might mention Mungojerrie, I might mention Griddlebone) Are nothing more than agents for the Cat who all the time Just controls their operations: the Napoleon of Crime!

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"What A Friend We Have In Peaches" (Gospel Tune)


What a friend we have in Peaches

all our wild words on the Blog are here !

What a privilege to be a Blogger

and know that Sam Seder really cares !

Oh, what Peaches we ofen forfeit

Oh, what needless things we bare

all because we do not always carry

our precious Peaches to the Blog and everywhere !

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I'm Thankful for Howard Zinn

"I remember going to school and I would learn about Indians who came to Thanksgiving dinner gratefully. I would learn about Custer’s Last Stand, I would learn about Sitting Bull. There were a few moments in Indian history that we’d learn about. What we didn’t learn about was the fact that the American colonists that came here from the beginning were invading Indian soil and driving the Indians out of their land and committing massacres in order to persuade the Indians that they’d better move. And the history of the U.S. is a history of hundreds of little wars fought against the Indians, annihilating them, pushing them farther and farther onto a smaller and smaller piece of the country. And finally, in the late 19th century, taking the Indians that were left and squeezing them onto a reservation and controlling them."

"The story that’s not told is the deceptions that were played on the Indians, the treaties that were made with them, the treaties that were then broken by the American government. It’s important to know that, because if you do, then you will become aware that the American government can lie. It can deceive people. It can do it not only in relation to Native Americans, it can do it in relation to all of us."

-Howard Zinn

The quick Thanksgiving visit of Bush to Iraq, much ballyhooed in the press, was seen differently by an army nurse in Landstuhl, Germany, where casualties from the war are treated. She sent out an e-mail: "My 'Bush Thanksgiving' was a little different. I spent it at the hospital taking care of a young West Point lieutenant wounded in Iraq.... When he pressed his fists into his eyes and rocked his head back and forth he looked like a little boy. They all do, all nineteen in the ward that day, some missing limbs, eyes, or worse.... It's too bad Bush didn't add us to his holiday agenda. The men said the same, but you'll never read that in the paper."

-Howard Zinn

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Peter Lamborn Wilson, "Anarcho-Poetical - ­An Evening of Mad Manifestoes" NYC December 13

Anarcho-Poetical - ­An Evening of Mad Manifestoes Peter Lamborn Wilson’s Annual Chaos Day Lecture The December Anarchist Forum On Tuesday, December 13, at 7:30pm, the Libertarian Book Club's Anarchist Forum will present Peter Lamborn Wilson who will recite much of his anarchist poetry, which he refers to as "Mad Manifestoes." Peter will connect the poems to what is currently twisting about in the world, answer questions and respond to audience comments. The event will take place at the Brecht Forum, 451 West Street, Manhattan (between Bank and Bethune streets). Take an A, C, E, or L train to the 14th Street and 8 th Avenue subway stop or take a 1, 2, or 3 train to the 14 th Street and 7 th Avenue stop. Everybody is welcome and invited to come and to have their say. There is no set fee for the presentation, but a contribution to aid the LBC is suggested. If you have questions, contact the LBC /Anarchist Forum, 212-979-8353 or e-mail: roberterler @

The True Sufi - Rumi

What makes the Sufi? Purity of heart; Not the patched mantle and the lust perverse Of those vile earth-bound men who steal his name. He in all dregs discerns the essence pure: In hardship ease, in tribulation joy. The phantom sentries, who with batons drawn Guard Beauty's place-gate and curtained bower, Give way before him, unafraid he passes, And showing the King's arrow, enters in.

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Korn - Another Brick In The Wall Pink Floyd Cover

♪ ♥ ♪

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Charlie Brown - Hey Ya

-link from Miss Anne Thropic

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Audio Anarchy is a project for transcribing anarchist books into audio format.

Hopefully, this can help make anarchist texts and ideas more accessable. Beyond the obvious appeal for people who don't like to read (or don't have time to read in this busy on-the-go world), hearing a book read aloud can also be enjoyable.

The Audio Anarchy project is organized in a distributed way. Instead of having a single person or group of people read an entire book, different people read separate chapters to distribute the work load. Ideally, this site will do more to help facilitate that kind of organization in the future.

Emma Goldman Essays

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The Joyous Cosmology by Alan W. Watts

Adventures in the Chemistry of Consciousness

Foreword by Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert

"To the People of Druid Heights"


There are many who believe that we stand at an important turning point in man's power to control and expand his awareness. Our research provides tentative grounds for such optimism. The Joyous Cosmology is solid testimony for the same happy expectations.

Timothy Leary, Ph.D. / Richard Alpert, Ph.D.

Harvard University, January, 1962


We are dealing here with an issue that is not new, an issue that has been considered for centuries by mystics, by philosophers of the religious experience, by those rare and truly great scientists who have been able to move in and then out beyond the limits of the science game. It was seen and described clearly by the great American psychologist William James:

... our normal waking consciousness, rational consciousness as we call it, is but one special type of consciousness, whilst all about it, parted from it by the filmiest of screens, there lie potential forms of consciousness entirely different.. We may go through life without suspecting their existence; but apply the requisite stimulus, and at a touch they are there in all their completeness, definite types of mentality which probably somewhere have their field of application and adaptation. No account of the universe in its totality can be final which leaves these other forms of consciousness quite disregarded. How to regard them is the question,-for they are so discontinuous with ordinary consciousness. Yet they may determine attitudes though they cannot furnish formulas, and open a region though they fail to give a map. At any rate, they forbid a premature closing of our accounts with reality. Looking back on my own experiences, they all converge toward a kind of insight to which I cannot help ascribing some metaphysical significance.

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Cute Black Kitty


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Birthday Card From My Best Friend Ween General Meaning: What has traditionally been known as the Sun card is about the self -- who you are and how you cultivate your personality and character. The earth revolves around the sun to make up one year of a person's life, a fact we celebrate on our birthday. The Sun card could also be titled "Back to Eden." The Sun's radiance is where one's original nature or unconditioned Being can be encountered in health and safety. The limitations of time and space are stripped away; the soul is refreshed and temporarily protected from the chaos outside the garden walls. Under the light of the Sun, Life reclaims its primordial goodness, truth and beauty. If one person is shown on this card, it is usually signifying a human incarnation of the Divine. When two humans are shown, the image is portraying a resolution of the tension between opposites at all levels. It's as if this card is saying "You can do no wrong -- it's all to the good!"

The 1866 Leonids meteor shower observed at Corfu, Greece

Great Leonid website from Kevin at The 1866 Leonids meteor shower was recorded in a scrap piece of paper by a priest in the island of Corfu in Northwestern Greece. The priest was amazed by the phenomenon. A century and a half later the piece of paper was found, as a page marker in a Bible at a flee market in Athens. A full account of the story has been published (in Greek) in the Journal of the Astronomical Society of Corfu "OURANIA" 3, 2 (December 1999). Please note that the date below refers to the Julian calendar. Greece joined the Gregorian calendar in February 1923, when the date was advanced by 13 days. * The translation of the document:

"During the night of November 1/2, 1866, at 3 a.m., while the sky was clear and cloudless, the stars started fighting, falling against each other, leaving a trail behind them like a rope, in the direction from East to West, continuously until six o'clock at dawn, when the phenomenon ended. No one knows the cause of the phenomenon except the Creator, to whom we owe infinite glory. Amen." -Priest Ioannis Savanis

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Isaac Newton

WHITE: Well, he believed that there was no real difference between science and religion. This is a later construct that we've created in modern times, really.

He thought that he could reach God, or could achieve some sort of closeness to God by studying nature, and he would look anywhere that he could to find those secrets. He wasn't restricted by just mathematics, or just experiment. He would look anywhere. And he even delved into the occult and spent most of his life researching alchemy, which then of course was considered occult.

ZWERDLING: So, Newton looked at the world and said there are forces at work here that you can predict mathematically and, far from disproving the notion of God, it just proved that God has done such marvelous work that something like gravity can exist.

WHITE: Exactly, yes. He was worried, quite rightly, that his ideas would be too radical and that he would get into trouble with the church, for example, and he made it very clear that God was behind the movement of planets, that they moved by a mechanical process that he was unraveling mathematically, but that God set them in motion and God oversaw the whole thing.


Newton's Interest in religion and theology

Newton found time now to explore other interests, such as religion and theology. In the early 1690s he had sent Locke a copy of a manuscript attempting to prove that Trinitarian passages in the Bible were latter-day corruptions of the original text. When Locke made moves to publish it, Newton withdrew in fear that his anti-Trinitarian views would become known. In his later years, he devoted much time to the interpretation of the prophecies of Daniel and St. John, and to a closely related study of ancient chronology. Both works were published after his death.

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A Joke and A Truth

Two Arabs are chatting. One of them has his wallet out and is flipping through pictures.

"Yeah, this is my oldest. He's a martyr. Here's my second son. He's a martyr, too."

There's a pause.

The second Arab says, wistfully, "Ah, they blow up so fast, don't they?" *

"There is one simple way for the United states to decrease very significantly, the plague of terror in the world, and that is just to stop supporting and participating in it." -Noam Chomsky May 2002

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Theses On Groucho Marxism

by Bob Black
1. Groucho Marxism, the theory of comedic revolution, is much more than a
blueprint for crass struggle: like a red light in a window, it
illuminates humanity's inevitable destiny, the *declasse* society.
G-Marxism is the theory of *permanent revelry.* (Down boy! There, that's
a good dogma.)

2. The example of the Marx Brothers themselves shows the unity of Marxist
theory and practice (for instance, when Groucho insults somebody while
Harpo picks his pocket). Moreover, Marxism is dialectical (isn't Chico
the classic dialect comedian?). Comedians who fail to synthesize theory
and practice (not to mention those who fail to sin at all) are
un-Marxist. Subsequent comedians, failing to grasp that separation is
"the discrete charm of the bourgeoisie," have lapsed into mere pratfalls
on the one hand, and mere prattle on the other.

3. Because G-Marxism is practical, its achievements can never be reduced to
mere humor, entertainment, or "art." (The aesthetes, after all, are less
interested in the appreciation of art than in art that appreciates.)
After a genuine Marxist sees a Marx Brothers movie, he tells himself: "If
you thought that was funny, take a look at your life!"

4. Contemporary G-Marxists must resolutely denounce the imitative, vulgar
"Marxism" of the Three Stooges, Monty Python, and Bugs Bunny. Instead of
vulgar Marxism, we must return to authentic *Marxist vulgarity.*
Rectumfication is likewise in order for those deluded comrades who think
"the correct line" is what the cop makes them walk when he pulls them over.

5. Class-conscious Marxists (that is, Marxists who are conscious that they
have no class) must spurn the anemic, trendy, narcissistic "comedy" of
comedic revisionists like Woody Allen and Jules Feiffer. Already the
comedic revolution has superseded mere neurosis--it's ludic but not
ludicrous, discriminating but not discriminatory, militant but not
military, and adventurous but not adventurist. Marxists realize that
today you have to look into a funhouse mirror to see the way you really are.

6. Although not entirely lacking in glimmers of Marxist insight, socialist
(sur)realism must be distinguished from G-Marxism. It is true that
Salvador Dali once gave Harpo a harp made out of barbed wire; however,
there is no evidence that Harpo ever played it.

7. Above all, it is essential to renounce and revile all comedic
sectarianism such as that of the equine Trots. As is well-known, Groucho
repeatedly proposed sex but opposed sects. For Groucho, there was a
difference between being a Trot and being hot to trot. Further, the
Trot slogan "Wages for Horsework" smacks of reform, not revelry. Trot
efforts to claim _A Day at the Races_ and _Horsefeathers_ for their
tendency must be indignantly rejected; in truth, _National Velvet_ is
more their speed.

8. The burning issue confronting G-Marxists today is *the party question,*
which--naive, reductionist "Marxists" to the contrary--is more than just
"Why wasn't I invited?" That never stopped Groucho! Marxists need their
own disciplined vanguard party, since they're rarely welcome at anybody

9. Guided by the Marxist leader-dogmas of *misbehaviorism* and *hysterical
materialism,* inevitable the masses will embrace, not only G-Marxism, but
also each other.

10. Groucho Marxism, then, is the *tour de farce* of comedy. As Harpo is
reliably reported to have said:
"     "

In other words, comedy is riotous or it is nothing! So much to do, so
many to do it to! On your Marx, get set--go!

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Blatent Advertisement

Selling my Barbie Collection! Yes, I'm using my blog to blatently advertise that I'm selling my Barbie collection on eBay. I began collecting them in 1997. I have somewhere around 250 dolls now. My plan is as follows: for every doll I sell on eBay, I'll take one and bring it to our local County offices where foster children are being cared for, or to the children in the hospital.

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Fuck George Bush

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Milarepa of Tibet

Milarepa is one of the most widely known Tibetan Saints. In a superhuman effort, he rose above the miseries of his younger life and with the help of his Guru, Marpa the Translator, took to a solitary life of meditation until he had achieved the pinnacle of the enlightened state, never to be born again into the Samsara (whirlpool of life and death) of worldly existence. Out of compassion for humanity, he undertook the most rigid asceticism to reach the Buddhic state of enlightenment and to pass his accomplishments on to the rest of humanity. His spiritual lineage was passed along to his chief disciples, Gambopa and Rechung. It was Rechung who recorded in detail the incidents of Milarepa's life for posterity. The narrative of his life has thus been passed down through almost a millennium of time and has become an integral part of Tibetan culture. In addition to Rechung's narrative of his life, summarized below, Milarepa extemporaneously composed innumerable songs throughout his life relevant to the dramatic turns of events of himself and his disciples in accordance with an art form that was in practice at the time. These songs have been widely sung and studied in Tibet ever since and have been recorded as the Hundred Thousand Songs of Milarepa. His faithful devotion, boundless religious zeal, monumental forbearance, superhuman perseverance, and ultimate final attainment are a great inspiration today for all. His auspicious life illumined the Buddhist faith and brought the light of wisdom to sentient beings everywhere. * "Maintain the state of undistractedness and distractions will fly off. Dwell alone and you shall find a friend. Take the lowest place and you shall reach the highest. Hasten slowly and you will soon arrive. Renounce all worldly goals and you shall reach the highest goal."


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Zappas and Libraries

[Hermann Kretzschmar voice] Library bar-code, PE label Student must carry this card at all times, And present upon demand for identification This card are not while currently [enrolled pony] You may be liable for any unauthorized use of this card prior to notifying the used card office In writing, of possible unauthorized use due to loss or theft I agree to comply with all library regulations And to assume responsibility for all use made of this card (Oh-hoh) * "Library Card", by Frank Zappa **

Frank Zappa Memorial Fund The American Library Association’s (ALA) Office for Intellectual Freedom and the Freedom to Read Foundation have been designated by the Frank Zappa family as among the organizations to receive contributions made in his memory.

*** "If you want to get laid, go to college. If you want an education, go to the library." –FZ

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Aesop Fables

The Ass and His Masters

An Ass, belonging to an herb-seller who gave him too little food
and too much work made a petition to Jupiter to be released from
his present service and provided with another master.  Jupiter,
after warning him that he would repent his request, caused him to
be sold to a tile-maker.  Shortly afterwards, finding that he had
heavier loads to carry and harder work in the brick-field, he
petitioned for another change of master.  Jupiter, telling him
that it would be the last time that he could grant his request,
ordained that he be sold to a tanner.  The Ass found that he had
fallen into worse hands, and noting his master's occupation,
said, groaning:  "It would have been better for me to have been
either starved by the one, or to have been overworked by the
other of my former masters, than to have been bought by my
present owner, who will even after I am dead tan my hide, and
make me useful to him."

 He that finds discontentment in one place
 is not likely to find happiness in another

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

The Doctrine of the Mean by Zhongyong [Chung Yung]

What Heaven has conferred is called The Nature; an accordance with this nature is called The Path of duty; the regulation of this path is called Instruction. The path may not be left for an instant. If it could be left, it would not be the path. On this account, the superior man does not wait till he sees things, to be cautious, nor till he hears things, to be apprehensive. There is nothing more visible than what is secret, and nothing more manifest than what is minute. Therefore the superior man is watchful over himself, when he is alone. While there are no stirrings of pleasure, anger, sorrow, or joy, the mind may be said to be in the state of Equilibrium. When those feelings have been stirred, and they act in their due degree, there ensues what may be called the state of Harmony. This Equilibrium is the great root from which grow all the human actings in the world, and this Harmony is the universal path which they all should pursue. Let the states of equilibrium and harmony exist in perfection, and a happy order will prevail throughout heaven and earth, and all things will be nourished and flourish.

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DJ Darkstep

  1. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - 2 Sick Bastardz [ft. Neizvesten].mp3
  2. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Alice In Wonderland.mp3
  3. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Back In Bizness.mp3
  4. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Black Hole.mp3
  5. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Contact [Intro].mp3
  6. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Darksteps The illest.mp3
  7. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Destroy You.mp3
  8. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Dopeass.mp3
  9. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hide [DJ Sniffs Theme].mp3
  10. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Exterminate All Humanz [ft. redOne].mp3
  11. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Fat Punks Cant Pogo.mp3
  12. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Gearbox [ft. CJ Saturn].mp3
  13. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Ghost [Poltergeist Mix].mp3
  14. 02/12/05 - DJ Darkstep - Squeeze The Trigger.mp3
  15. 10/05/05 - MD Beddah + DJ Darkstep - Prosto Prase.mp3
  16. 09/28/05 - Bilkaria + DJ Darkstep - Opasen Izhod.mp3
  17. 09/28/05 - Bilkaria + DJ Darkstep - V Ochite Na Slepcite [feat. Atila].mp3
  18. 10/05/05 - Neizvesten + DJ Darkstep - Freestyle Zaraza [feat. Krasta].mp3
  19. 10/05/05 - Neizvesten + DJ Darkstep - Big Bad Beatz [feat. Screwball mc].mp3
  20. 10/05/05 - Neizvesten + DJ Darkstep - Plesnica.mp3
  21. 10/05/05 - Screwball mc + DJ Darkstep - Losho Nachadeni [Freestyle].mp3
  22. 10/05/05 - Sensei + DJ Darkstep - Vervam Ti [feat. Ramon].mp3
  23. 10/05/05 - MD Beddah + DJ Darkstep - Liriko Otrova.mp3

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Elvis Presley - Are You Lonesome Tonight (laughing version) *





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Women Leaders

This site is dedicated to the women who have ruled since the beginning of times. There have always been female rulers. Some Egyptian Queens are believed to have governed from around 3000 BCE, and the first to be named by the sources without any doubt is Ku-baba, who ruled the Mesopotamian City-State of Ur round 2500 BCE.

First female ministers However, it was not until after World War I that the first few women became members of democratic governments. Nina Bang, Danish Minister of Education 1924-26 was the world's first full female cabinet minister. Nevertheless, development was slow and it was not until the end of the 20th century that female ministers stopped being unusual.

First female Prime Minister and President In 1960 Sirivamo Bandaranaike of Sri Lanka became the world's first female Premier Minister and in 1974 Isabel Perón of Argentina became the first woman President - two women had been Acting Heads of State before that.

Today the only two countries which never had a female member of government in at least a sub-ministerial position are Monaco and Saudi Arabia. In 1999, Sweden became the first country to have more female ministers than male. 11 women and 9 men.

Current heads of state and government There are 191 members of the United Nations and a few independent states outside. Of the monarchies, there are Queens in Denmark, The Netherlands and the United Kingdom - and the British Queen is represented by female Governor Generals in Bahamas, Canada, New Zealand and Saint Lucia.

The 5 female Presidents are in Finland, Ireland, Latvia, The Philippines and Sri Lanka.

There are 4 woman Prime Ministers; in Bangladesh New Zealand, Mozambique and São Tomé e Princípe. For more details see: Situation in 2005

Content of The site contains lists of female Heads of State listed by country, a chronological list of Women in Power from B.C. 3000, female Prime Ministers, Ministers of Finance and Ministers of Defence and Ministers by country, female Chairpersons of Parliament, female Governors, Premiers and local Leaders by country, female Party Leaders for each country, a chronological list of female Presidential Candidates, Ambassadors to the United Nations and first female ambassadors for each country, lists of women's ordination to priesthood and female bishops and finally a list of female Danish leaders.

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Musical Interlude

live without dead time (Blackspot Music) Adbusters CD, mixed by Dj Spooky that subliminal kid


Me and my babe went to the show

I and babe went to the show

Did we sit on the end? No

Cos a fallen girl was in the very front row

She got real lace curtains on her door

She got Brussels carpets on the floor

But she don't wear no silk or lace

No, Lords, she don't wear no corsetwaist

*Words & music : Kid Bravo (Jean-Yves Prieur)*


Don't Cha, Pussy Cat Dolls * Junior Brown, Surf Medley


Dreams II

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RENDAN, "THE CLEVER ONES." The sufis use a technical term rend (adj. rendi, pl. rendan) to designate one "clever enough to drink wine in secret without getting caught": the dervish version of "Permissible Dissimulation" (taqiyya, whereby Shiites are permitted to lie about their true affiliation to avoid persecution as well as advance the purpose of their propaganda).

On the plane of the "Path," the rend conceals his spiritual state (hal) in order to contain it, work on it alchemically, enhance it. This "cleverness" explains much of the secrecy of the Orders, altho it remains true that many dervishes do literally break the rules of Islam (shariah), offend tradition (sunnah), and flout the customs of their society--all of which gives them reason for real secrecy.

Ignoring the case of the "criminal" who uses sufism as a mask--or rather not sufism per se but dervish-ism, almost a synonym in Persia for laid-back manners & by extension a social laxness, a style of genial and poor but elegant amorality--the above definition can still be considered in a literal as well as metaphorical sense. That is: some sufis do break the Law while still allowing that the Law exists & will continue to exist; & they do so from spiritual motives, as an exercise of will (himmah).

Nietzsche says somewhere that the free spirit will not agitate for the rules to be dropped or even reformed, since it is only by breaking the rules that he realizes his will to power. One must prove (to oneself if no one else) an ability to overcome the rules of the herd, to make one's own law & yet not fall prey to the rancor & resentment of inferior souls which define law & custom in ANY society. One needs, in effect, an individual equivalent of war in order to achieve the becoming of the free spirit--one needs an inert stupidity against which to measure one's own movement & intelligence.

Anarchists sometimes posit an ideal society without law. The few anarchist experiments which succeeded briefly (the Makhnovists, Catalan) failed to survive the conditions of war which permitted their existence in the first place--so we have no way of knowing empirically if such an experiment could outlive the onset of peace.

Some anarchists, however, like our late friend the Italian Stirnerite "Brand," took part in all sorts of uprisings and revolutions, even communist and socialist ones, because they found in the moment of insurrection itself the kind of freedom they sought. Thus while utopianism has so far always failed, the individualist or existentialist anarchists have succeeded inasmuch as they have attained (however briefly) the realization of their will to power in war.

Nietzsche's animadversions against "anarchists" are always aimed at the egalitarian-communist narodnik martyr types, whose idealism he saw as yet one more survival of post-Xtian moralism--altho he sometimes praises them for at least having the courage to revolt against majoritarian authority. He never mentions Stirner, but I believe he would have classified the Individualist rebel with the higher types of "criminals," who represented for him (as for Dostoyevsky) humans far superior to the herd, even if tragically flawed by their obsessiveness and perhaps hidden motivations of revenge.

The Nietzschean overman, if he existed, would have to share to some degree in this "criminality" even if he had overcome all obsessions and compulsions, if only because his law could never agree with the law of the masses, of state & society. His need for "war" (whether literal or metaphorical) might even persuade him to take part in revolt, whether it assumed the form of insurrection or only of a proud bohemianism.

For him a "society without law" might have value only so long as it could measure its own freedom against the subjection of others, against their jealousy & hatred. The lawless & short-lived "pirate utopias" of Madagascar & the Caribbean, D'Annunzio's Republic of Fiume, the Ukraine or Barcelona--these would attract him because they promised the turmoil of becoming & even "failure" rather than the bucolic somnolence of a "perfected" (& hence dead) anarchist society.

In the absence of such opportunities, this free spirit would disdain wasting time on agitation for reform, on protest, on visionary dreaming, on all kinds of "revolutionary martyrdom"--in short, on most contemporary anarchist activity. To be rendi, to drink wine in secret & not get caught, to accept the rules in order to break them & thus attain the spiritual lift or energy-rush of danger & adventure, the private epiphany of overcoming all interior police while tricking all outward authority--this might be a goal worthy of such a spirit, & this might be his definition of crime.

(Incidentally, I think this reading helps explain N's insistence on the MASK, on the secretive nature of the proto- overman, which disturbs even intelligent but somewhat liberal commentators like Kaufman. Artists, for all that N loves them, are criticized for telling secrets. Perhaps he failed to consider that--paraphrasing A. Ginsberg--this is our way of becoming "great"; and also that--paraphrasing Yeats--even the truest secret becomes yet another mask.)

As for the anarchist movement today: would we like just once to stand on ground where laws are abolished & the last priest is strung up with the guts of the last bureaucrat? Yeah sure. But we're not holding our breath. There are certain causes (to quote the Neech again) that one fails to quite abandon, if only because of the sheer insipidity of all their enemies. Oscar Wilde might have said that one cannot be a gentleman without being something of an anarchist--a necessary paradox, like N's "radical aristocratism."

This is not just a matter of spiritual dandyism, but also of existential commitment to an underlying spontaneity, to a philosophical "tao." For all its waste of energy, in its very formlessness, anarchism alone of all the ISMs approaches that one type of form which alone can interest us today, that strange attractor, the shape of chaos--which (one last quote) one must have within oneself, if one is to give birth to a dancing star.

--Spring Equinox, 1989

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An Anarchist FAQ


      Section A - What is anarchism?

      Section B - Why do anarchists oppose the current system?

      Section C - What are the myths of capitalist economics?

      Section D - How does statism and capitalism affect society?

      Section E - What do anarchists think causes ecological problems?

      Section F - Is "anarcho"-capitalism a type of anarchism?

      Section G - Is individualist anarchism capitalistic?

      Section H - Why do anarchists oppose state socialism?

      Section I - What would an anarchist society look like?

      Section J - What do anarchists do?

      Appendix - Anarchism and "Anarcho"-capitalism

      Appendix - The Symbols of Anarchy

      Appendix - Anarchism and Marxism

      Appendix - The Russian Revolution


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Protest Records

Allen Ginsberg - End Vietnam War, Live 1976

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