Monday, July 17, 2006

David Gilmour Blog - Round-up

Last week was a miserable one and, for obvious reasons, nothing seemed to matter very much. We're going to move on now, but first, in case you've missed anything, here's a brief round-up of what we would have reported in more detail last week were it not for the tragic news about Syd. There's now a seating plan for the Venice concert. Please see the Live Dates page for the plan in PDF format. You'll also see ticket details for the Gdansk concert on the Live Dates page. That's going to be an amazing show. David will have a 38-piece orchestra behind him, conducted by Zbigniew Preisner. As we were discussing the 'P.U.L.S.E' DVD (yes, we're spelling it this way from now on), we've added a poll for you to cast your vote and let us know how you rate it. There'll be a new poll added on a regular basis. Please see the Stuff & Nonsense page for that. David's first two solo albums have been delayed. They're now out on 14 and 15 August in Europe and North America respectively. Please note that the various fansites are incorrect in stating that there will be extra tracks. There is no bonus material included with these albums. Lastly, a few words in response to certain comments received last week. Above all, our deep thanks once again for the great many kind, thoughtful and incredibly moving messages that were left. They were vastly appreciated and responsible for plenty of tears. But frankly I have been sickened by the number of people who have used this forum - and, more importantly, Syd's name - to insensitively and shamelessly push their own agenda, be it advertising their tribute act, plugging their website or banging on about a Pink Floyd reunion. I don't care if it was for the sake of a charitable cause. It was the wrong time and the wrong place and I strongly object to a space set up in Syd's memory, purely for people who cared about him to pay their respects (not people merely seizing an opportunity to tell David what he ought to be doing to save the world), being targeted and bombarded with demands. You are, of course, free to tell us how you will honour Syd's memory if you want to. But don't tell us what you think David, or the other members of Pink Floyd, should be doing. That is for them to decide, not fans who so desperately want to see a reunion, they don't care how it comes about. For God's sake, have and show some respect. We have lost the man who gave the world the band you claim to love so much. Is a concert of any importance? Everyone is entitled to an opinion, but there's a time and a place to express it. To start spewing out the usual tired demands last week was wholly inappropriate and, on behalf of anyone with a heart and more than half a brain, I say shame on you for not realising it. © All rights reserved. * Syd We are very sad to say that Roger Keith Barrett - Syd - has passed away. Do find time today to play some of Syd’s songs and to remember him as the Madcap genius who made us all smile with his wonderfully eccentric songs about bikes, gnomes and scarecrows. His career was painfully short, yet he touched more people than he could ever know. If you're one of those people, and would like to leave your thoughts, please feel free to do so. Posted by Features Editor at July 11, 2006 03:18 PM

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