Saturday, July 29, 2006

Nomads Land Films - The Art of Flight - Documentary on Sudan, Darfur Refugees

"...a harrowing and introspective documentary... an act of redemption..." - Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times "...a terrific-looking, polished exposé..." - Variety World Premiere - International Documentary Competition - AFI International Film Festival, Hollywood International Premiere - First Appearance Competition - International Documentary Festival Amsterdam Asian Premiere - Documentary Competition, Bangkok International Film Festival DVD Available: Original Soundtrack Available on iTunes The Art Of Flight is a guerrilla documentary that was shot illegally in Egypt on camcorders and a laptop. The film serves as a back story to the 2006 massacre of Sudanese refugees in Cairo. The filmmaker was nearly arrested three times during the course of shooting. The film essentially summarizes the events leading up to the January 2006 killing of protestors outside UNHCR's office in Cairo and the brutality inherent in the regime of Hosni Mubarak. The Art Of Flight features artwork of Sudanese painters living in exile. In addition to paintings from Sudanese artists and torture victims, the film also features an original soundtrack by Al-Khafiyeen, a musical ensemble of refugees who played together for a single night to score the film.

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