Monday, December 04, 2006

Interesting Things from "NEWS CONSUMER" Shango

In Yorùbá mythology, Shango (Xango, Shango), or Changó in Latin America, is perhaps the most popular Orisha; he is a Sky Father, god of thunder and the ancestor of the Yoruba. In the Lukumí (O lukumi = "my friend") religion of the Caribbean, Shango is considered to be the center point of the religion as he represents the Oyo people of West Africa. The Oyo Kingdom was sacked and pillaged and its residents brought in chains as slaves to the Caribbean and Brazil. All the major initiation ceremonies (as performed in Cuba, Puerto Rico and Venezuela for the last few hundred years) are based on the traditional Shango ceremony of Ancient Oyo. This ceremony survived the Middle Passage and is considered to be the most complete to have arrived on Western shores. This variation of the Yoruba initiation ceremony became the basis of all Orisha initiations in the West.

The energy given from this Deity of Thunder is also a major symbol of African resistance against an enslaving European culture. He rules the color red and white; his sacred number is 6; his symbol is the oshe (double-headed axe), which represents swift and balanced justice. He is owner of the Bata (3 double-headed drums) and of music in general, as well as the Art of Dance and Entertainment. *

Chango-St. Barbara is the most popular god-orisha of the Santeros and Macumba.

Notice that Chango is a "male" Character, and St. Barbara a "female" Christian Saint, holding the Eucharist.

The behavior of Chango is absurd when applied to St. Barbara:

- Chango, in the yoruba legend, is an adulterous male, with two main lovers: Oshum (Virgin of Charity of Cuba), and Oya (Virgin of Candelaria)!... The Christian St. Barbara would be an impossible lesbian, having sex and children with two Virgins!... a horrible impossible sacrilege!.

- But Oya (Virgin of Candelaria) is the wife of Oggun (St. Peter), so, St. Peter hates Changó (St. Barbara)... in fact, in the legend, Chango and Oggun hate each other to death!...

When you ware the medal of St. Barbara, you are not honoring nor seeking the protection of a Christian Saint, but of a Santeria god-demon!... take it out!.

When you ware the collar of St. Barbara, you are warring the one of Chango, not the one of a Christian Saint.

For the "Paleros", Chango is known as "Nsasi".

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