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Jenny McCarthy - Indigo Mom



[Editor's Note: Dr. Doreen Virtue is a spiritual doctor of psychology and a fourth-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic, elemental, and ascended-master realms in her writings and workshops. Doreen is the author of more than 20 books about angels, chakras, Crystal Children, Indigo Children, health and diet, and other mind-body-spirit issues, including the best-selling book "The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children.]

Jenny: What is the purpose of Indigo children being here? Doreen: The most important purpose is that these kids are here as Angels. If we medicate them into submission, or tell them that they're broken, their self-esteem will go down and their spiritual gifts will be lost to us. Then there will be one more cycle of going through the darkness and corruption.

The Indigo generation knows who to trust. Their job is to disentangle us from all the corruption going on. That's their big purpose, but if we medicate the Indigos with Ritalin then they become one more generation of apathetic people that say,"Oh well, lie to me."

So that's my big mission, to educate the moms and dads, and educators and medical physicians, and hopefully teach them that there are alternatives to Ritalin. Jenny: What are the alternatives to Ritalin? Doreen: Well, Ritalin acts on a brain chemical called Serotonin. You can increase Serotonin with drugs, but using drugs has all sorts of secondary effects, side effects. You can also increase Serotonin naturally without side effects. Studies show that the number one way to increase Serotonin is twenty minutes of cardiovascular exercise. They’ve done spinal taps, and the fluid shows that exercise instantly increases Serotonin just like a drug does. Unfortunately, physical education classes are being cut from schools.

The second way to increase Serotonin is by going outside in the sunlight. I wrote about this in my book Angel Medicine. We’ve thrown the baby out with the bath water, by telling everyone to put on all these SPF chemicals, and wear sunglasses and hats. A little bit of protection is okay, but now we’ve become sunphobic. We’ve gone in the other direction, and that has caused us to become depressed. It has also actually increased skin cancer, because your eyes are what lets your skin know how much sun is coming in. If you’ve got sunglasses on, your body thinks it’s in the shade, so it doesn’t protect you. Jenny: Can I tell you what I do with Evan, because he’s so sensitive? Evan is sensitive to air and water, he’s that hypersensitive. I can’t put any sunscreen on him, at all. So basically I put him outside during the summer, for about a half an hour, then the next day an hour, to gradually build up the exposure. That’s how I do it. Doreen: Everyone should be sunning, but do it in the morning hours or in the late afternoon. You should not go out at noon, and nobody is saying go get a sunburn, because that’s also not healthy. The ancient Greeks had it right. They would always exercise outdoors, and actually they were naked when they did it, but that wouldn’t work today! [laughter]

The old way of treating disease was called sunning, and it is something that scientists are now looking into. I’m so happy that mainstream articles are coming out now that we do need vitamin D. It’s a major link to protect against breast cancer, too.

But getting back to the kids ... meditation, exercising and being outside in nature are the three things that they need the most. And, they’ve got to be eating healthy foods without a lot of chemicals and processing. You know what’s being sold in school districts, so I've also been very involved in getting junk food and sodas off the campuses. You know, it’s craziness, and it’s all about money. It’s all about how much can the fast food companies make by selling our kids this junk. Jenny: Can you tell moms how important the healthy, high vibrational food is, in terms of their children's health? Doreen: Well, I found that out with my own children, who are now older. When I switched them to an organic diet, the first thing I noticed is that they softened. I have two boys, and like most boys they were rowdy and aggressive. The minute I switched to just salads, to organic lettuce, tomatoes and carrots, their aggressiveness went away naturally within a week. I did an investigation, spiritually and scientifically, and I found that the energy of pesticides is a killer. So when you eat anything with pesticides, you’re actually ingesting something that’s a lethal weapon, and it lowers our vibration. Everything that we eat should be alive. That’s how we get our energy ... food is the life force from the sun, which makes the orange get ripe.

If we’re eating food that’s canned or microwaved or frozen, there is no life force. That life force can’t live in a freezer, a microwave, or a can. That’s why we have no energy, and I think that’s why we have Starbucks on every corner. These kids are going to Starbucks too … my God! I can’t believe when I go to Starbucks … little kids on cell phones with huge Frappuccinos … scary! Jenny: Does it make you crazy, because it makes me crazy? I have this burning desire to go on every media outlet. I’m just taking it slowly, starting with the web site, and building it up. I just don’t understand how moms can still go and drive through McDonald’s. I don’t … Doreen: When I’m in airports, they always have McDonalds and I see little babies in strollers with a cheeseburger in their hand. I’m the same way, I want to go up to them and hand them a pamphlet and say, “Do you know this is why your kid is hyperactive?” Jenny: So having awareness is important. Unfortunately, it’s going to take their kids getting a diagnosis of an illness in order for more people to realize it. Doreen: Yes, this issue is big … in my workshops I’m noticing more physicians coming. Including white, male doctors. Jenny: Really? Doreen: It’s not just the women who care. The establishment is starting to wake up, especially the younger doctors. They prefer not to overmedicate, because they’re sensitive. I think that we’re all becoming more sensitive. So I do have a lot of hope. Everyday I read articles about school districts getting soda off the campuses ... parents standing up for what they want. I really do see that we’re going in the right direction. I just want it to happen faster. Jenny: It worried me when you said that if we don’t make these changes we’re going to have to enter a dark era again. Doreen: You know, I go around the world and speak, and outside of America there’s a lot of free press. You think we have a free media? We don’t. People come up to me and say, “Why did you guys elect Bush again? What’s going on with America?”, and I tell them that we tried. The Indigo kids are very liberal in their thinking and you know that. I really hope that as they get to voting age, it will make a big difference. But there’s so much corruption, it’s beyond the vote. Jenny: I know. Doreen: As Indigos are now becoming adults, then that gives them more power to undo this new electoral process, which is not being taught to them. Jenny: [sighs] I know, I know, but I think it won't happen until the Indigos get past their teenage drug years. You know, if they’re still experimenting. Doreen: Well, they’re self-medicating, because they’ve come in on the tail end of the old energy. It’s not easy living in all this corruption, when you’re so sensitive to whether things are honest or not. I find the Indigo nervous system is wired to figure out dishonesty … is someone trying to fool me? That’s why kids act out in school, because they are reacting to a dinosaur system that has nothing to do with reality. Jenny: Right, and that’s why I want to change schools completely. Doreen: Yes! Jenny: I found a curriculum that has no rote memorization. The second graders are in class with the fourth graders. If they want to learn science today, they go into that section … the children are in charge. I remember sitting in school thinking "I don’t need to know this", as I’m memorizing five chapters of history, and it’s not going to do me any good. It doesn’t. Doreen: Yes, and the Indigos are so honest. In my generation, we would say to the teacher, “Why do I have to learn this?” And the teacher would say, “because you’ll need it some day. Then we would just stuff down the feelings and say okay. Jenny: Right. Doreen: But your generation is the first one to question it, and the reaction that the establishment has is to medicate them. Tell them to just say no to drugs. Jenny: It drives me mad. Doreen: It’s so hypocritical. There’s this resistance to change. There’s this type of human called a left-brained dominant person who is very rule bound, very egalitarian. You meet them and they say, well the rules don’t allow us … and that’s who teaches us and that’s who handles the big teaching establishments, because they feel comfortable with rules. Jenny: But these Indigos that are growing up are going to become teachers one day. Doreen: Yes, well … the Columbine kids were Indigos, and that’s what happens when Indigos don’t have an outlet for their expression that the school system sucks. So we as adults have to shepard kids and teach them how to become activists, because the Indigos don’t know how to express the anger they feel about war, pollution, corruption, and their school system. They need us to teach them how to handle these feelings in an adult manner. Jenny: How can a mom at home teach their kid that right now? Doreen: I would think that most parents who are thirty or older have been activists at some point. I mean most of us went through it, if not Vietnam, then we went through something where we’ve written letters to the Editor, we’ve talked to city council members, or talked to school boards or picket launches.

The biggest and the best weapon we have in being an activist is boycotts. That’s how Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. changed the world, because it hits people in their pocketbooks. That’s it, it’s all about money these days. All that the corporations look at is the bottom line. The parents should be involved in helping their kids be activists. When I was little, my mom campaigned for Kennedy and she took me with her to get petitions signed to get him elected. Jenny: Wow! Doreen: And that was so cool. Jenny: That’s really smart having kids do it with you. Doreen: Yeah! Take your kids to marches, take them to city council. There are stories you can find in news archives of kids who are talking to city councils and starting their own advocacy groups. You’re never too young to start.

The second thing parents can do is help their children understand how to prioritize. These kids get so overwhelmed by what they feel is their mission that they need to learn how to break down these goals into baby steps. I always say they don’t need Ritalin, they need a Day Timer book. They need to learn how to schedule ... okay Monday, I do this, Tuesday I do this. The difference in psychology between someone who is ADHD and someone who is not, is that gifted people finish what they start. We as parents need to model that for our kids, because parents can be a little ADD too. One of the reasons I’m sober is because I don’t want my kids to see me use any chemicals to deal with stress. I see that when my son is stressed he goes to the gym, because that’s what I’ve modeled for him. Jenny: That’s so great. Doreen: Having these kids is such an opportunity for us to be the best we can be, to finish what we started, to be chemical free, to live how we imagine our life should be. Jenny: That’s so true. Let me ask you a couple of questions from moms who visit my website...

What types of questions can moms ask their children to find out about their child's past life or their angels? Doreen: Your child looks around, because angels and guides tend to be around someone’s head and shoulders. So as the child is looking around and focusing on your head and shoulders, you encourage them. Make sure that you and your body don’t have any fear, because a child will pick up on it and it will shut them down. One thing you can do is color and draw with them and say, you know this is what I think my angel looks like. What do you think? Just make it real casual. Keep them open. Jenny: That's great. On our site we have a couple of mothers who have adopted Indigo children...

Can you give us some insight about the adopted Indigo kids? Doreen: Well, the way it’s been explained to me spiritually, children contract with who their guardians are going to be before they come in. We all do. So the children get to us one way or another. The child’s soul will choose who their guardian is going to be, and if there is a block in the parent's biological reproductive organs, or it’s a gay couple or a single person, the child will get to that destined parent one way or another.

In the ultimate sense, the adopted child is the child of the parent, because it’s not about how the bodies are related. The soul is more important and more lasting, so they are relatives by virtue of their soul connection. It was predestined and prearranged before incarnation. You would raise an adopted child the same as a birth child. The only difference would be that some adoptive kids might have a little edge of toughness to them, because of their early experiences. What’s very important is that you don’t reinforce or focus on that toughness or call it a problem, because it will just increase. Look at it as a little fence, and just look past the fence and see the gentle pastures over the fence. Focus on that and that’s what will come forward, because the pasture is always bigger than the fence. Jenny: Wow! I love that.

When you ask your angels for help or you pray to your angels, is there a better way of asking or praying to your child’s guardian angels for them to get healthy? Doreen: Well, there’s no one right way, because all the angels need is our permission. So we can think the thought, please help my child. We can say it out loud. We can scream it. We can write a letter. Are you asking what should we pray for? Jenny: Yes. Doreen: What I always counseled parents to do is make it a ritual as you’re falling asleep each night, and when you wake up each morning, to thank the angels, and in particular Archangel Michael, for protecting your children and you. It’s okay to ask specifically for them for that night or that day. If it’s an older Indigo child and they’re out partying, it’s okay to say please get them home safely tonight, or please help them to be screened from anyone who might not be the best person to hang out with.

Give your angels a laundry list of whatever you’re worried about and the angels will take care of it. What I’ve learned from working with so many audiences, worldwide for eleven years now, is that you really have to ask for everything you specifically want. Then I always add a little clause in my contract, "this or something better”, because we tend to limit ourselves. Just like with your new school idea ... maybe the angels have a palace in mind for you, you never know. You never know what they’ve got in store. So I say I want this, this, this, this, and this, or something better. They always exceed my expectations. Jenny: That’s great! I love that one. Neimen Marcus prayers, you know? I love that so much. Doreen: The other thing that’s really good is to make a list and you call it, “Thank You Universe.” And you write down everything you want, but you write it thanking the Universe right now. Thank you Universe for … and it can be material things, spiritual things, little, big, or small. Thank you that my child is perfectly healthy, his sniffles are gone, etc … and they all come true. I keep a list like that on my computer. Jenny: I do it every year on my birthday, isn’t that funny? I write it down. Some more questions ... Have you heard of Crystal children having a lot of nightmares? Doreen: Well, Crystal children are particularly psychic and sensitive, so if they have nightmares it’s because they are like the movie Sixth Sense. They are benevolent lights that can attract earthbound spirits just like the little boy Cole did in the movie. The dead people came to him because they knew that he could see them and that he could help them. That happened to me as a child. Jenny: Oh, me too. Doreen: Yeah, and they looked like opaque three-dimensional people. They didn’t look like ghosts, and I didn’t know they were dead. They weren’t relatives that I recognized. A lot of the nightmares that children are having are either experiences connecting with earthbound spirits, or they are being shown an alternative future of the earth that isn’t pretty. Jenny: Wow! Doreen: The dreams are a way to show them that this is how you’re going to help us if we go this way, or this is how you’re going to prevent this from happening. Crystal children are so sensitive to world energies that they pick up on calamities like earthquakes and plane crashes around the world, so they’re not nightmares in the traditional sense of alligators under the bed or boogey men. These are real experiences they’re having. Same with their good dreams. They’re not normal dreams, their brains are discharging emotions from the day. Jenny: I definitely know there is something going on. Evan stands up and has a full conversation in his bed. I’m like, oh my God. His eyes are open and he’s talking to me. Doreen: I used to do that as a kid. Jenny: Yeah, it’s so wild to watch him. Doreen: What we’re doing is we’re witnessing a whole generation of spiritual masters, like little Harry Potters and Mother Theresas being born, and they’re going to populate the planet. By the time the Mayan calendar ends in 2012-15, they are going to be teenagers, and they’re going to be coming of voting age. The Angels show me visions of where we’re going, with new things like fast food organic restaurants. Jenny: Right. Doreen: You know everything’s going to be so natural. This is really radical stuff, but they’ve shown me that the polar ice caps melting and the greenhouse effect is really a blessing. Jenny: I think that too. Doreen: Everyone’s screaming and Al Gore’s screaming and I’m saying, NO! Jenny: I think it’s a good thing. Doreen: You know what they told me? We’re going to run out of fresh water by that time, and the melting polar caps are going to give us fresh water. We’re supposed to become tropical again like we were before. The trees are going to grow mangoes and guavas and pineapples and bananas to give us fresh water, and fresh organic fruits that have the life force of the sun in them. Where we’re going reminds me of a little Fred Flintstone-ville, it’s like a jungle and it’s beautiful. Jenny: I absolutely believe that. For some reason, like for my new school, I want to learn how to plant foods and then we can eat them right off the tree or bush... Doreen: Yeah and get rid of Monsanto... Jenny: Get rid of cars... Doreen: Yeah, and get rid of jobs that are meaningless. So that everybody’s working at self-employment or something meaningful to them. I mean if we could get rid of people going to jobs just for money. Jenny: It’s happening already. Doreen: It's because of the Indigo generation. Your generation is demanding that things that aren’t supportive of Light go away. Jenny: Thank God. Doreen: Thank you. You guys are here to save the world. Not any pressure. You know there are so many Indigos in Australia who are so open hearted, it makes me cry. Jenny: We have them on our site. They’ve found us. Yay! Doreen: When I go to Australia, I cry, because those Indigos, they ask what do I do? And I can’t tell people what to do. Their angels have to tell them. But they’re so ready. The Indigos of the world need a leader. They need a Joan of Arc. Jenny: I’d talk to them. Doreen: They do, they need a Joan of Arc to say, “follow me!” Jenny: I will. I will be doing national news next May with my new book. Doreen: Great! Jenny: Well, Doreen thank you so much for taking time in your busy schedule to chat with me and answer questions for the Indigo Moms.

Doreen: You're welcome Jenny! It was my pleasure.

© Jenny McCarthy 2006

This is for Jenny McCarthy- I saw you on Oprah today. You did a great job. I am so excited to see that you are learning about the role of natural nutrition and also the effects of vaccines. I also loved how you sent the message to Dr.'s that they need to listen to moms more. You are so right.
My son does not have autism, but I am a nutritionist and co-founder of a group called MOMS-INC, moms improving nutrition for children. We believe that the chemicals in today's food is the reason for the obesity problem as well as behavioral problems and most diseases.
In terms of Autism, are you familiar with the Geier's. Father and son out explaining the role of vaccine's in autism. They are genetic scientists and are really exploding on the scene about autism. I think you will find them so interesting and helpful on your journey. Just google them.
Also, my group is relatively new and looking for spokes people to help us spread the word about the terrible junk being fed to our children today in grocery stores and food lunch programs. Our goals are to change school lunch programs and ultimately enact changes to our food processing in this country. I think you would be a perfect person to be on our board. Give it some consideration please. Check out our website at to learn more about us.
Also, if you haven't already, check into the role of metabolic enzymes and even digestive enzymes in autism. I think that will be the only real complete way to bring these kids back. Good luck and thanks for sharing your story of hope. You are a good person and obviously a super mom!

Be Well,
Robin Ingersoll
Hi my son has autism and he is an angel and a child of God . I just love having him around . I kiss him any chance I can get, because he lets me. I agree with the organic food idea. I just think it is hard if you are a busy Mom like me trying to keep your head above water who works full time to buy exspensive organic food. I could travel 40 min across town to a high priced food co-op but thats a total time cruncher and a gas cost that does not fit in my budget. I am not complaining I just think eat organic is a great idea in theory but to implement it on a low income level is very difficult. I think someone needs to write a book on how to find the healthiest and purest food in your local supermarket or superstore if you know what I mean. I would read that book. I do try to avoid Mc d's thats a no brainer. I think this way of eating is a good idea for everyone not just autistic children. I think the best thing we can do for these children is to keep talking about them so the future school systems and children who are not diagnosed with autism are informed they are comming and that they are not wrong for who they are but are here to be who exactly who and what they are. I don't know what you have encountered with the public school system but they are my concern and my concern isn't lunch heck I'll pack that . My concern is for how they deny my son therapies insisting he doesn't need them when every doctor in town says he does. I have been bullied and talked down to and even threated by administrators for requesting O.T occupational therapy which was requested by his nerologist and pediatrician. Yes I can get a lawyer and fight but again the time restraints and budget comes to play. I also notice the more you speak up the less they do for you and your child so the message I recieved was shut up or get out you get what you get. This to me is my true concern. The goverment needs to quickly hone these kids rights in the school system and realize they are comming in large numbers and need to be acommidated by the school system. I hope this has been heard evry voice and opinion helps twords a better future so heres my food for thought.
You know you are all insane, right? Merely a drastic construct to make sense of what you don't understand. And just like all religion, it is harmful.

Oh like calling people insane in order to explain things you have no concept of?

All Good Things,
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