Friday, May 01, 2009

Probable Selves

From: Seth (Session 227): "The ego…can only perceive…in a straight-line fashion, so to speak, one event after the other. IT CAN ONLY CHOOSE TO EXPERIENCE ONE EVENT OUT OF ALL THE PROBABLE EVENTS AT A TIME. The ego is, however, the only portion of the self that is, in the main, limited to follow experience along these lines…For when our individual perceives event X, this other portion of the self branches off, so to speak, into all the other probable events that could have been just as easily experienced by the ego…This other portion of the self…can pursue and experience all of these alternate events, and it can do so in the same amount of physical time that it takes for the ego to experience event X alone." (Session 232): "Let us consider the following: The individual within your system--and this is quite simplified--an individual finds himself with a choice of three actions. He chooses one of these and experiences it within the physical field. The other two actions are experienced, however, but not within the physical system. The results of the other two actions are perceived by the inner ego. The results are then checked by the inner ego against the action that was chosen for actuality within the physical system. These results are then sent to certain portions of the subconscious, where through this information knowledge is gained as to whether or not the ego and the subconscious made the best decision under the circumstances. The results are retained, to be checked against future decisions, and to be used by the physical self as an aid in making future decisions." Seth (Session 233): "The decision as to whether or not a particular probable event should be perceived as a physical one depends, of course, upon the nature of the ego which would then experience it. The probable self does not make the decision, but merely passes on the data which it has received through its own experience with the event. The information is sifted, often, through the dreaming self to the subconscious, which has intimate knowledge of the ego with which it is closely connected. The subconscious makes its own value judgments here, and passes these on to the ego. But then the ego must come to its own decision… Occasionally, when a decision has been made by the ego, the subconscious will change it because the decision is obviously such an unwise one." Seth (Session 565): "Ideas that you have entertained and not used may be picked up in this same manner by other probable you's. Each of these probable selves consider themselves the real you, of course, and to any one of them you would be the probable self; but through the inner senses all of you are aware of your part in this gestalt." Seth (Session 656) "What you must understand is this: Each of the events in each of your lives was 'once' probable. From a given field of action, then, you choose those happenings that will be physically materialized." Seth (Session 712): "Any given reality system will be surrounded by its probability clusters."

Very awesome, Alice.
One of my probable selves is on an island in the pacific under a palm tree...I just know it!

You're right. And, I'm gonna be your neighbor.

And, it's gonna rule. :)


Sir Real
That would way rule....!

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