Monday, May 11, 2009

Rumsfeld’s Tamiflu ...kills people

Media Censoring Lethal Side Effects Of Flu Remedies ... Rumsfeld’s Tamiflu is worse than worthless. It kills people. Japan has banned it. Even the FDA—after review of nearly 600 cases of neuropsychiatric events reported by patients on Tamiflu and 115 cases of neuropsychiatric events by patients taking Relenza—has warned that Tamiflu’s label be strengthened to note: “In some cases, these behaviors resulted in serious injuries, including death, in adult and pediatric patients.” The FDA staff said Relenza, a drug in the same class as Tamiflu, should have a warning label of “reports of hallucinations, delirium and abnormal behavior” observed in some patients taking the drug. Informed Americans would have to be suffering from “hallucinations, delirium” to trust Big Pharma and corrupt, greedy politicians.

This post is relevant to the confrontation I'm in right now with the summer drama school program that my daughter will attend this summer. The school (Harvard) is in a state (Mass) that requires entrants to schools show proof of immunization. Anna's mother and I resisted any vaccinations our kids were "required" to get when they were in grade school and high school. I myself do not want the state or any institution coercing people to accept any injections it chooses.
It's horrifying:

On November 13, 2006,, a parent-led organization advocating vaccine safety, issued a press release to announce the results of a survey conducted October 27-30, 2006, by Zogby International of over 9,000 Americans to learn their plans for getting flu shots, their knowledge of its ingredients, and who they hold responsible for making sure vaccines are safe.
The survey showed that an overwhelming majority of Americans were unaware that most flu shots contain mercury and that they would refuse a shot with mercury. After learning that mercury is an ingredient, 74 percent of those polled said they were less likely to get a flu shot and 86 percent of parents said they were less likely to allow their child to get a shot.

From Edward Abbey:

On Anarchism: "Anarchism is not a romantic fable but the hardheaded realization, based on five thousand years of experience, that we cannot entrust the management of our lives to kings, priests, politicians, generals, and county commissioners."
Excellent quote....There was a vet on DN yesterday who knew him...

Thanks! I stole that for my blog...

I think, but don't know, that if you believe in something, it comes to pass more often in your experience than if you do not believe in something...
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