Saturday, May 09, 2009

Venezuela says weapons cache uncovered, 4 foreigners detained in suspected terrorist cell

[Thanks to Kevin @ Free Democracy Blog for the link] CARACAS, Venezuela (AP) Venezuelan police uncovered a cache of weapons and explosives at a Caracas apartment and later detained four foreigners on suspicion of planning terrorist acts, authorities said Saturday. While announcing the detentions, Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami accused foes of President Hugo Chavez of "looking for violence," although he did not link the case to the political opposition. Chavez has repeatedly charged that the opposition is plotting to assassinate him or spur his ouster. El Aissami said a police raid Friday on an apartment near the capital's center found C-4 explosive, electric detonator systems, thousands of cartridges, and 14 rifles of different models, including five with telescopic sights, five with laser sights and one with a silencer. Documents and a computer found there were being studied, he said. "This type of military arsenal is used for military actions and operations, with the precise objective of wiping out adversaries," he said....... posted by See You On The Other Side

DAMB! Did you stick around to follow Wanda Sykes's act? She outdid the Prez. And slammed!

T&I watched the Colbert thing this morning in Frank Rich's NYT Op-Ed thing (Sunday) before we got out of bed, and laughed - even just-waking-up T - but Wanda Sykes has long made me laugh hard.

Can't wait to see you - hear the sound of your voices.

- T&A
-Can't wait to see you - hear the sound of your voices.-


*Oops - I just recognized that I slid on the mousepad right past your post to which I wanted to say something yesterday. shitsky*

But since here we are:

"-Can't wait to see you - hear the sound of your voices.-


I'm hoping (since we're working on traveling cary-on light) that we're not going anywhere that may get jumpy about people coming in wearing jeans. If I have to wear pants, I wear jeans everywhere except work (part of why we call it "work"). Jeans now are pretty much universally acceptable iin Vermont, of course, and in New York City - and even the hoity-toity 'burbs where we live, but I haven't been to San Francisco since 1970 - with my parents - when my father made me do the whole blazerslacksbrylcreemcamera "I'matourist" act. If you want to go to some joint that that checks out your clothes before you cross the threshold, we'd love to do that wicha too. But please let us know. We're in the eager packing mode at this point. We're psyched to meet you, and I myself think it'll be cool for T to show me around the turf where she dwelt for a year when she was in her early twenties.
Nighty night
If I understand you correctly...and I'm really not so sure I do...

It sounds to me like you don't wanna go buy nicer clothes than you already have to wear normally...

I too have been fretting...I have way lame clothes..I USED to be 'quite glamorous' as my mum tells me...but since I live in the boonies...and really don't care for the offering of clothing in this realm...I dress comfortably, not fashionably..

Last time I fell in love with a dress was like 2005 in Idaho..and I paid a lot for it even tho it had a small rip in it...maybe I'll wear that one for the nicer places we go...

"Oh the places we'll go...."

1. flour in your hair
2. jeans
3. lungs for walking up hill
4. comfortable shoes

My vote is we choose one night to make nice dress...Saturday...Friday can kiss my ass...because I plan to see you...walk...see Izod? HAHA...! I don't even have one...

Which days are T's tour for you two..? Whilst we be there or after we go Sunday?

-Alice (who really hates her sense of style lately..but will do her best to impress..).. ;)
Uh - Pay scant attention to that earlier nail-biting suitcase-intimidated fretting neurotic stream-of-consciousness burble. Fair warning, though: my every utterance is stream-of cnsciousness, I think. So brace yourself.
I really don't give a shit about clothes - as you'll see, I'm hardly a clothes horse; built for comfort, not for conventional beauty. I do have nice clothes - weddings (still) and funerals (inevitably) happen - but I am NOT going to schlep a bunch of them on the trip: we really want the plane to rise off the runway.
It's certainly my father's voice (I think the phrase "my father" emerges just about in the center of my previous rant) that gets me uptight about clothes. I love him (he has crossed over) and do feel the love and approval of his presence, but I think he messed me up some, like frightened me away from eating vegetables when I was little. I still hear the echo of his voice saying, "You're going to New York dressed like THAT?!?" in - get this - 1968, when people in the city went around wearing (or not wearing) the most outlandish things.

One of my favorite (shaggy dog) jokes, which I heard from a friend:

*A guy parks in the lot of the restaurant where's he and his friends have arranged to meet for dinner. When he enters the restaurant, the maitre d confronts him and says, "I'm sorry sir. This restaurant requires that gentleman patrons wear a tie."
The guy freaks (I myself would freak) and hurries out to his car to see if he happens to have left a tie in his car. Well he hasn't, so he frantically looks in the trunk. He sees the jumper cables, grabs them, and ties them in a Windsor knot around his neck (I would try something like that). Then he jogs breathlessly back to the restaurant door.
He finds the maitre d and asks, "Is this OK?"
The maitre d scrutinizes him and his jimmy-rigged tie and grumps, "Well alright." "Just don't start anything."*

Have you ever been refused admittance at the front door of a place because of your outfit? Well I have, but not since I was a teenager (when I would just go in at another door-bit of a hassle). Now that I'm a grown-up and likely to have money (and look able enough to say "Fuck you!" in more and other than just those two words), I wear whatever I want (except nothing) wherever I go around here, and nobody hassles me.
I think it was just a moment of angst (and old voices) at the prospect of going to an unfamiliar environment (like going to Japan) that prompted that silly earlier query.
Let's all take each other as we are, or the hell with us. I should have left it at "Can't wait to see you [whatever you have on] - hear the sound of your voices."
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