Monday, May 25, 2009

Your Greatest Gift To Humanity

From: "We do not believe you should take on the pain of others, but we do believe you should show compassion and caring toward those in pain, as John did. "Compassion is one thing. Sympathy is quite another, a very different vibration. If you're sympathizing you're taking on other people's pain. "You cannot take on other people's pain and be of any good to them, or to yourselves. Nowhere is it written you have to feel bad because someone else is, no matter how close you are to them or how much you love them. "The best thing you can do to help someone in pain is to be happy. "Then envision them also being happy. They will eventually move through and beyond their pain or sadness. You have the power to help them speed up that process. But not by feeling their pain or by sympathizing with them. That only amplifies the negative feelings and energies. Be happy. See them happy. That is absolutely the best thing you can do to help anyone. Your happiness is your greatest gift to humanity." --- Chief Joseph, through John Cali. You can read this and other transcripts at their website.

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